Paying Guests are welcome

During the trip in the four cars a maximum of 14 people can travel, up till five can be members of the crew as PAYING GUESTS.


Seven persons will have to work to go forward. They are responsable for logistic, technic and organisation of the expedition. They will be continuing members of the expedition and will return to Europe only for the shipping time of the cars from Punta Arenas to Melbourne and Chochin to Dar Es Salam.

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Two people will be occupied all the time with the mediatisation of the trip.

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Up to five people from all possible countries can join the expedition as PAYING GUESTS. They can chose by their own the part of the itinerary that they like the most, and they can be a part of „Journey over the world“ for the time that they have chosen before. Sometimes the joining of these paying guests makes no sense (Irkutsk – Uelen) or it is to dangerous. So the joining will not be possible.

For all the rest: Get in contact via this website or via mail to the organisation:

We‘ ll manage the rest.

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